Tara Reid Makes a Scene in US Store

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As Vanessa Hudgens proved, Coachella outfit shopping is serious business. While this activity is normally a fun experience for all, an overly-demanding celebrity can quickly turn that moment into a major bummer. Such is the case of AllSaint Robertson’s recent encounter with miss Tara Reid.

Actress and perpetual party girl Tara Reid reportedly experienced the downside of fame last week when she had a diva moment after trying to claim a celebrity discount at an AllSaint Robertson store in Los Angeles and was turned down by the store.


According to New York Post, the star went in looking for an outfit for Coachella, as the California music festival headed into its second weekend, with bands including Blur and a Stone Roses reunion. While picking out an outfit for the massive music fest, notorious party animal Tara Raid got thrown out after making a scene at the store.

The American Pie actress asked that the clerks take her stardom into consideration. “When the store declined, Reid insisted she deserved the break because of her fame”, said an eyewitness. “She then began to scream at them and was escorted out”, added the source.


Another source told that she was screaming and had to be escorted out by security. “She seemed drunk”, stated the spy. After pulling out the “I’m famous” card, Reid “was overheard berating employees for refusing to give her a discount”. The debacle ignited when the actress, a VIP client at AllSaints in Europe, was delivered the bad news while she was trying out clothes in the store’s dressing room.

Even though Tara Reid’s publicist didn’t want to comment on the subject, a representative on her behalf told the newspaper:

Tara gets a huge discount with All Saints in the UK and Paris because she’s a walking billboard for them” and therefore requested one in the US store as well. “She gets photographed, so they give her huge hook-ups. We told them we get a discount, and they said they’d email the press team”.


When her request was denied, she “asked them to check again”. The store offered to hold Reid’s items for her, according to the spokesperson, and Tara left empty-handed, on her own steam.

Regarding Reid’ state in the store, the rep said: “She was definitely not drunk. People love to say Tara’s hammered and this and that…whoever is saying that is not on Team Tara”.

Tara Reid Turns 37

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This has surely been a very special week for Tara Reid. The beautiful actress, who is born on November 8, 1975, has recently turned 37. Throughout the years Tara Reid has become well known for her numerous successful movies, but also for her outrageous behavior. Below you can find some quick facts about Tara Reid, her work and details from her personal life, actually some things the star did until turning 37, as well as a photo gallery with the changes she has been through.


Tara Donna Reid first achieved fame with her role in Saved By The Bell: The New Class. At the beginning of her career, the star was also cast in Days of our Lives, California Dreams and Scrubs. All these roles were in television series.

Tara Reid made her big screen debut in 1987. This is the year when the star was cast in A Return to Salem’s Lot. Until 2000, Tara was cast in The Big Lebowski, Urban Legend and American Pie, all these movies turning out to be quite successful. Tara Reid has had both supporting and leading roles in numerous movies. Some of them include Dr. T & the Women, Josie and the Pussycats, American Pie 2, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Alone in the Dark and My Boss’s Daughter.


Even though Tara Reid began her acting career at the age of only 9, the star moved to Hollywood in 1997. Her breakout role came only a year later, in 1998, when Tara was cast in The Big Lebowski. However, Tara found success only in 1999, when she interpreted Vicky in American Pie. American Pie was an extremely successful movie and Tara’s performance was much appreciated.


Soon after the success with American Pie, Tara also found love. Unfortunately the star and her fiance Carson Daly decided to broke off the engagement in 2001. And the series of bad lucks continued after that. In 2006, Tara admitted that she had a plastic surgery, that unfortunately for her went wrong. The liposuction was a deformity, so Tara needed to undergo a new intervention.


In 2010, Tara planned to get married for the second time. Unfortunately for the actress, the wedding was called off and her relationship with Michael Axtman ended. After the separation, Tara began dating Michael Lilelund. Later, Tara was rumored to have wedded Zachary Kehayov. Still, the actress claimed that their union has never been legal.


At the moment, Tara is not dating anyone, at least there are no reports or official statements on a confirmed relationship. Tara has recently been spotted out for dinner with a mystery man, before her birthday. If things are not clear when it comes to her personal life, in her career, everything is going well for the 37 years old Tara. The actress is currently starring in Celebrity Big Brother, a famous reality show.

Are Tara Reid And Tom Cruise Dating?

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Knowing the fact that Tom Cruise is a recently divorced man, it would not be such a big deal for him to be seen in the company of a woman. Since his extremely publicized divorce of Katie Holmes, the actor wasn’t linked to anyone, until recently. About a month ago, the actor was in London. But what’s the main reason of his visit to the other side of the pond? He’s filming a new movie, a thriller called All You Need Is Kill. On September 19, he was seen with a mysterious brunette in one of the most exclusive restaurants of London, 34, located in Mayfair. According to those that saw them, the two seemed to have a great time, but immediately as they finished, Tom Cruise headed to a club where he joined Tara Reid and Benicio del Toro. 

 Tom Cruise and Tara Reid leaving the club separately at approximately the same hour

Although Tara Reid is not the kind of company that Tom Cruise enjoys in the United States of America, the newly-single star seemed content in the company of the American Pie actress. More than this, the two were accompanied by famous womanizer Benicio del Toro, also present in London with business. Their presence in the club didn’t pass unnoticed, mainly because Tara Reid and Benicio del Toro are not the kind of persons that Tom Cruise has connections with, as he is known as a family man, rather than a party animal. The staff of Annabel, the club in which the actors partied, stayed mum and didn’t offer any details about the night spent by the party of three in the members-only establishment.

What sparked the curiosity of the press was the fact that Tom Cruise and Tara Reid were in the club until the wee hours of the morning, as the Top Gun actor was seen leaving Annabel at about 3:30 AM. Meanwhile, although he talked many times about missing his daughter Suri, he spent more than a month away from her, but in the company of women. 

Tom Cruise spend almost two months apart from his youngest child, whom Katie Holmes has primary custody of

Could a romance be blossoming between Tom Cruise and the much-younger Tara Reid? It could be as his ex-wife Katie Holmes has approximately the same age with her and the two managed to keep a great relationship for many years. It isno’t known yet if the two are romancing or not, only time will tell. Until then, the rumor mill began to work, mostly because the fans of Tom Cruise are dying to see whom will be (or already is) the lucky girl that will catch the heart of the famous actor.

Tara Reid Looks Better Than Ever

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This Hollywood party girl, born on November 8, 1975 in Wycoff, NJ, sky-rocketed to fame when she appeared in the 1999 teenage comedies American Pie, American Pie 2, and Van Wilder. Following her film roles, Reid was regularly in the news for her hard-partying ways, botched plastic surgery, a bout with anorexia nervosa and her high profile relationships.


She has been linked to Steven Tyler, Tom Brady, JC Chasez and Hollywood bad boys Joe Francis and Tommy Lee. Her most notable relationship was with MTV personality-turned-late night talk show host Carson Daly, to whom she was engaged in 2000. Tara Reid found love again with Michael Axtam, a web entrepreneur, when announced their engagement in January 2010. In August 2011, Tara Reid married Danish businessman Michael Lilleund, but filed for divorce soon after.

Tara Reid had a bumpy career and several bouts with unflattering photos over the years, but is Tara Reid making a comeback? From her latest appearances for the American Reunion, she just might!

Tara, 36, who has been splashed across the tabloids over the years for being a prty girl, seems to have put her wild ways to the wayside, at least for the press tour. She showed up in an array of classy looks for the American Pie premiere and photocalls. Photographers and critics said that she looked quite lovely.


Despite reports that the American Pie star was hospitalised in southern France dor acute pancreatitis, Tara Reid says that she is good and healthy. The actress fell ill with the sudden inflammation during her trip to Nice, France. Nevertheless, she hit Twitter a few days after to say that she wasn’t suffering from acute pancreatitis, just food poisoning.

Tara Reid is now a happy woman. She got engaged and married in the same day while on her vacation in Greece. It was just to a guy she has been dating for a relatively brief period of time, whose name is Zachary Kehayov. Still, in 2011, Tara communicated that she and Kehayov were not legally married.

Tara Reid Involved In Motorcycle Accident

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Tara Reid seems to never stop from getting involved in scandals. The star, who has always been well known for her wild partying lifestyle, accosted a parked motorcycle in St. Tropez, France. The event took place during this weekend. After a full night of partying, Tara toppled over the vehicle and fell on the ground. Consequently, both Tara and the vehicle crashed to the ground.


Tara Reid has always been known for her wild, alcohol-fueled parties, this time the star being seen drinking on the streets of the French city alongside a female companion. Unfortunately for Tara, the whole event was videotaped by TMZ. After falling down, Tara and her friend struggled to get up, being both extremely drunk. The 36 years old actress and her female friend needed some time for recovery until boarding a yacht. Luckily, the actress was not seriously hurt.


Reports claimed that several people tried to help Tara get up from the ground, but the actress struggled to be able to stand on her own feet. You can watch the whole video here.

After the report on her fall was made public, Tara issued a response and claimed that TMZ, who first published the news, are liars and they actually are the ones who pushed her down.”TMZ are liars and they are always against me they pushed us down that’s why we fell why don’t u see how we fell? Its a set up!,” Tara shared on her Twitter account. The star also added that the whole video is edited. “Look how it is edited they only showed u after they knocked us down in front of our own boat,” Tara wrote.

On the other hand, TMZ claimed that they were not even close to the star, so there is no way Tara’s statement could be true. They shared that the video was genuine and it actually is very visible on the images that both Tara and her friend are very much drunk.


However, this is not the first time when Tara gets involved into a type of scandal after a long partying night. Actually, the star has always had an alcohol addiction problem, being through rehab back in 2009. Earlier last week, Tara was spotted partying with famous actor Tom Cruise.

Tara Reid Hospitalized For Acute Pancreatitis

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Tara Reid was hospitalized in Nice, France for acute pancreatitis, but her condition wasn’t life threatening. Nonetheless, she was seen walking and holding her stomach, looking also very worried.


Before she was hospitalized, sources told that Tara Reid was partying on yachts in Saint Tropez and was enjoying the nightlife too much. The actress has reassured her fans that she is healthy and fine after she has been taken ill while on vacation in Nice.


The “American Pie” actress also thanked her fans for their support and concern and she tweeted: ”Don’t worry everyone. I’m all good and healthy. I got seafood poisoning and hurt my back on the jet ski, but I’m all better, thanks for caring! Jet skis are fun, but you have to be safe, they can be very dangerous. I’m all good guys and happy. No big deal, enjoy your day everyone.” 


Tara also admitted that she used to drink too much because she wasn’t self-confident: ”I felt like everyone was judging me and watching me. I think I drank because it gave me a kind of confidence. When I went out, everyone always wanted to have a drink with me -- because I was known as this fun, party girl. I became that person.”

Tara Reid is known as being a partying actress, who had serious problems with alcohol in the past and she also went to rehab in 2009. Not a long time ago, she wanted to improve her life, but drinking alcohol and partying again are a sign that she may return to her old habits. Unfortunately, this would destroy her career, which was recently rebuilt.

Tara Reid – Top Latest Movies

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Tara Reid is without a doubt one of the most famous actresses in the world. The star was born on November 8, 1975, in Wyckoff, New Jersey. She made her acting debut in 1982, throughout the years Tara Reid being cast in many great movies. Here you can find a top of the most recent movies released by the star.

1. American Reunion surely is the most famous movie starring Tara Reid in 2012. American Reunion is a comedy directed by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. This is the fourth movie to be out in the American Pie main series. American Reunion stars Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Sean William Scott and Mena Suvari. As you can see, the movie keeps the American Pie original cast. The action is set 13 years after the main characters graduated from high school.

American Reunion was released in April, 2012, the movie turning out to be an impressive success. It had a budget of $50 million, but it earned at the Box Office more than $233.5 million. Tara Reid’s performance in this movie has also been appreciated, the star playing the part of Vicky, Kevin’s high school girlfriend.

2. The Fields was released in 2011. The movie actually is a suspense thriller, directed by Tom Mattera and Dave Mazzoni. It stars Tara Reid, Cloris Leachman, Faust Checho, Joshua Ormond, Bex Appleton, Louis Morabito and Karen Ludwig. The Fields has been quite appreciated since the moment of its release, winning several awards to date.

The action takes place in a rather small town, in Pennsylvania, in 1973. The Fields is the story of a young boy and his family, who are all terrorized by an unseen presence in the fields surrounding their home. Tara Reid plays in this movie the part of Bonnie, the star being much appreciated for her impressive performance. The Fields received great reviews.

3. Last Call is an American comedy set to be released in 2012. It stars Tara Reid, Travis Van Winkle, Ryan Hansen, Diora Baird, Christopher Lloyd and Dave Foley. Last Call is directed by Greg Garthe, this movie actually representing his dictatorial debut.

Filming for Last Call began in 2009 and the movie currently is in post-production. The story is focused on the struggle of two cousins to save the family pub, but also their uncle, threatened by jail and financial destitution.

These three movies are only the last ones to be released by Tara. Throughout the years the actress has starred in numerous other great movies. Some of the most famous ones include My Boss’s Daughter, Josie and the Pussycats, Cruel Intentions, Urban Legend and The Big Lebowski.

Tara Reid and Thomas Ian Nicholas Interview on American Reunion

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American Reunion is the most recent film starring Tara Reid, the beautiful actress who gained international recognition precisely due to her role as Vicky in the American Pie series. This film is actually the last one starring the American Pie cast and it comes to satisfy the fans of the series. 

In this great comedy, East Great Falls High’s class of 1999 is back with more adventures and juicy experiences. The movie sees married couple Jim and Michelle coming back home to reminisce with their friends Kevin, Vicky, Finch, Heather, Ozm and Stiffler. 

Here is an exclusive interview of Tara Reid (Vicky) and Thomas Ian Nicholas (Kevin) in which they talk about the movie and what this whole experience meant for them.

The movie truly was a like a high school reunion for them, since they all got to meet after so many years. According to Tara, the magic was still there, so no wonder that American Reunion is such a hit. 

If you have not seen American Reunion yet, you can watch the official movie trailer below.

Last Call – A Tara Reid New Movie

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Last Call is one of the newest movies featuring famous actress Tara Reid. The movie actually is a comedy, set to be released in 2012. The American independent movie will mark the directorial debut of Greg Garthe and the movie is expected to be great. Filming at this movie began in 2009 in Los Angeles, while the project currently is in post-production. Produced by Greg Garthe and Spence Jackson, the movie is believed to become a success. If fans are going to like it or not is something we are definitely going to find out in the next few months. Last Call cast includes numerous famous actors, so we should expect for their performances to be amazing.

Tara plays the role of Lindsay, the actress starring in this movie alongside Travis Van Winkle, who plays the role of Danny and Ryan Hansen who interprets Phil. Other famous actors that can be watched in this movie are Diora Baird, Christopher Lloyd and Dave Foley. The cast also includes Dave Foley, Tom Arnold and Richard Riehle, as well as David DeLuise and John DiResta. The main action of the movie is focused on the story of two cousins, Danny and Phil, who try to save their uncle from ruin and prison. Both the story and the action are interesting, so the movie is worth to be watched. Still, until this movie will be out, you can watch some of the most famous movies starring Tara released until now. As you have probably already watched My Boss’s Daughter and American Reunion, you should make sure to plan a movie night in while watching Josie and the Pussycats, as well as Just Visiting, Around the Fire and Urban Legend.

Throughout the years, Tara Reid has starred in an impressive number of movies, but also television series. She was featured in comedies, dramas, as well as horror movies and it surely seems that the beautiful actress has always managed to achieve amazing roles, regardless of their genre. Some of the most popular all time movies casting Tara surely are the American Pie series and Cruel Intentions. Still, the actress became a star for her famous television shows including Saved by the Bell and Days of our Lives. The star made her screen debut at a very early age, receiving a part in a horror movie, A Return to Salem’s Lot, movie released in 1987. Fans are surely awaiting to see how this last performance of Tara will be, watching Last Call, as soon as released.

My Boss Daughter – A Famous Tara Reid Movie

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Even though My Boss’s Daughter is not one of the last movies released by Tara Reid, it surely is one of the most popular ones. The movie dates back to 2003 and it features two of the most famous Hollywood actors, Ashton Kutcher and Terence Stamp, naturally besides the beautiful actress. My Boss’s Daughter is a romantic comedy, one that has surely managed to make Tara a huge star. The movie grossed more than $18 million at the Box Office. Its cast also includes Molly Shannon, Andy Richter and Michael Madsen, but also Angela Little and Tyler Labine.

My Boss’s Daughter has a very interesting story and numerous funny moments, so it surely should be watched when you plan on enjoying a relaxing night in with your friends. Ashton Kutcher plays the role of a researcher at a publishing company who would do anything for his career. He actually tries to please his boss, played by Terance Stamp, by agreeing to take care of his house and his pet, when he has to go on a business trip for just a couple of days. Tom, who actually is in love with his boss’s daughter, the role of this girl being played by Tara, remains into the home, but naturally he will get involved in numerous funny situations, while the house will be damaged by his friends. And that is not all, as Tom also manages to lose his boss’s pet.

Tara Reid plays in My Boss’s Daughter the role of the girl, Lisa, who is completely controlled by her dad. Tom is the one to convince her to stand up to her father and do what she wants. Lisa at first thinks that Tom is gay, but by the end of the movie the two will fall for each other. Along with this main story, a series of funny moments make the comedy perfect for a fun night in. For instance, Lisa’s other brother has an issue with drugs, actually hiding himself into the house, from drug dealers. He leaves some drugs into the toilet and Tom gets to be threatened by the drug dealer. When the boss gets back home, he fires Tom, after throwing him away from the house. Lisa, finally stands up to her father to defend Tom, who by the end of the movie will actually get a promotion, besides the girl. The comedy is great and the actors managed to make a great impression with their roles, so watching this movie can only be a great idea.

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