Did Tara Reid Really Married?

Tara Reid is an American actress famous for her American Pie role, for her aesthetic surgeries, for her rich boyfriends and for her bizarre behavior. Recently, Tara Reid gained again spotlight due to her whirlwind romance to Zack Kehayov and her apparently sham marriage.

In the summer of 2011, Tara Reid went to Greece to spend her vacation there. Apparently she did not spend there just a vacation, but an imaginary marriage and a honeymoon, both extremely unexpected for her fans. In August, the actress twitted suddenly “I got engaged”, fans around the world getting extremely curious of who is the lucky guy that Tara Reid kept secret for such a long time. Apparently, the lucky guy was another extremely rich man, Greek business man Zack Kehayov, whom she dated briefly before saying Yes to his wedding proposal. Just a few hours after happily announcing the joyful news to her fans and the entire world, the actress came with an update, again, on Twitter, saying she just got married in Greece and she loves being a wife. Fans were hysterical, the lack of information in the press and the short messages with no explanation sent by the actress were extremely weird. After the news broke, Tara Reid posted pictures from her honeymoon in Greece and with her wedding ring. Everything was happening very fast and to fans it all seemed extremely bizarre, including her behavior, the guy that seemed to appear out of the blue, the quick engagement followed by the wedding, everything in a matter of hours.

In October 2011, the actress said her marriage was a sham. Allegedly, there was no legal marriage in Greece. Tara Reid declared to TMZ that her whirlwind engagement and nuptials that happened in Greece were never legal. So, according to her declarations she is not a happy newlywed, because she is not a newlywed at all. The issue gets even more weird than this, TMZ not trusting the statement Tara Reid herself made, called her rep. Her rep could not be reached, so the mystery of the marriage of Tara Reid is still on.