My Boss Daughter – A Famous Tara Reid Movie

Even though My Boss’s Daughter is not one of the last movies released by Tara Reid, it surely is one of the most popular ones. The movie dates back to 2003 and it features two of the most famous Hollywood actors, Ashton Kutcher and Terence Stamp, naturally besides the beautiful actress. My Boss’s Daughter is a romantic comedy, one that has surely managed to make Tara a huge star. The movie grossed more than $18 million at the Box Office. Its cast also includes Molly Shannon, Andy Richter and Michael Madsen, but also Angela Little and Tyler Labine.

My Boss’s Daughter has a very interesting story and numerous funny moments, so it surely should be watched when you plan on enjoying a relaxing night in with your friends. Ashton Kutcher plays the role of a researcher at a publishing company who would do anything for his career. He actually tries to please his boss, played by Terance Stamp, by agreeing to take care of his house and his pet, when he has to go on a business trip for just a couple of days. Tom, who actually is in love with his boss’s daughter, the role of this girl being played by Tara, remains into the home, but naturally he will get involved in numerous funny situations, while the house will be damaged by his friends. And that is not all, as Tom also manages to lose his boss’s pet.

Tara Reid plays in My Boss’s Daughter the role of the girl, Lisa, who is completely controlled by her dad. Tom is the one to convince her to stand up to her father and do what she wants. Lisa at first thinks that Tom is gay, but by the end of the movie the two will fall for each other. Along with this main story, a series of funny moments make the comedy perfect for a fun night in. For instance, Lisa’s other brother has an issue with drugs, actually hiding himself into the house, from drug dealers. He leaves some drugs into the toilet and Tom gets to be threatened by the drug dealer. When the boss gets back home, he fires Tom, after throwing him away from the house. Lisa, finally stands up to her father to defend Tom, who by the end of the movie will actually get a promotion, besides the girl. The comedy is great and the actors managed to make a great impression with their roles, so watching this movie can only be a great idea.