Tara Reid in American Pie

One of the roles Tara Reid is most popular for is her work in the American Pie (one and two) movies where she plays the somewhat hard to get Victoria “Vicky” Lathum. She plays the role of one of the male leads girlfriend who won’t sleep with him because she says “I want it to be the right time, the right place…”

Throughout the movie, her boyfriend Kevin Meyers (played by Thomas Ian Nichols) tries to get her to have sex with him. He tries hard and means well, but Vicky isn’t up for it. One idea is that because she has never had an orgasm by him, this is the reason why she won’t go all the way. After consulting “The Bible”, a book that is filled with the sexual advancements of many high school students before him, Kevin is able to give her and orgasm but she still refuses.

Tara Reid is able to pull this role off perfectly and keeps sex off the table until the closing scenes where it is just awkwardly romantic. This role, while not one of her biggest, is one that will live on in the memories of all American Pie fans as she created a whole dynamic between the friends and the girls that wouldn’t have been possible without her.

In the second movie, Tara only has a small role where she sees Kevin (now her ex) at the beach house that the guys live in for the summer. The few moments she’s seen on screen are awkward and tense because of the unsaid feelings Kevin has for her. During the final party and especially while most everyone is still sleeping off the night before, Kevin and Vicky reconnect as friends.

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We can all appreciate what good models have to offer not only in the way that they model their clothes for us but the fact that models are generally very beautiful people. With no exception to the rule we see that Tara Reid who is still having a very successful modeling career can also help others have an entertaining day with her brilliant acting in several movies. There is no telling that Tara Reid would be going on 35 this year seeing as she still looks like she could win all of the beauty pageants. Most people will know Tara from her latest movie called Vipers which went straight to DVD or her 2010 films which are screening now called Land of Canaan and Last Call. There have been quite a few movies that go straight to DVD over the last few years which are not saying a lot for her acting abilities.

In the beginning of her career Tara Reid played Sandy in Saved by the Bell which was a teens to children program which played in the afternoon slots after school. She only played one episode in the Saved by the Bell production however she was asked to play a character called Ashley in Days of our Live. This drama series was one place that would not help her career if she got a permanent part unless she was content playing in this day time drama for life. Lucky for her it was only for five episodes which were even less than her 11 episode appearances in Scrubs during the 2003 and 2005 series. Scrubs were one TV show which did do her career a great deal of justice by placing her in a part which she suited very well.

We can also remember Tara in films such as Urban Legend which was a horror film which was based on the old myths and urban legends of serial killers on the loose. Cruel intentions was another great part for her to play which had plenty of other great actors and actresses at the time as well as making more than $70 million at the box office. She played the role of Vicky in the first of the American Pie series as well as appearing in the second movie too. Tara played a perfect and funny part as Melody the blonde hair head in the band Josie and the Pussycats which was a cartoon made into a movie. In 2005 the movie Alone in the Dark came out which was a thriller and horror ready to scare the pants of the audiences and was a film which was nominated for a very prestigious award.