The Unhealthy Lifestyle Of Tara Reid Destroyed Her Body

Tara Reid was one of the most beautiful and promising young actresses in Hollywood. When the first movie of the American Pie series appeared, she rapidly gathered a huge fan base thanks to her looks and to her charm. Once with the sequel of the movie, Reid was even more appreciated and loved in the United States of America and not only. Unfortunately, after the series continued with other actors, she was not capable to achieve such a great success in other movies. Her life took a descendant path and people were astonished of what happened to the young actress. At some point, she did not even take care of herself. Reid had became a true party animal, losing nights, drinking and taking drugs at the same time. Her relationships did not seem to work and her career was strongly affected. Thanks to such an unhealthy lifestyle, she began to lose weight and her cellulite was easy to notice.

Reid gave up hopes to have a career in Hollywood, so she started drinking and smoking all the time. She was not eating and when she finally was, her favorite was junk food. She gave up sport and the only times when she was doing exercise was when she danced until the wee hours of the morning in clubs. Not once, Reid was seen taken home by various men, wasted and with her clothes torn apart. For a few years, the actress was a mess and her life become more and more complicated because of her expensive addictions. Some time ago, the actress got engaged to a Greek businessman and announced on Twitter in a matter of hours that she found her better half, that she is engaged and married.

Fans started to wonder what is wrong with her, as she did not made any sense with all the messages offered to public. Her body looked worse day by day and the traces of the use of drugs and alcohol were seen on her skin. Such an unhealthy life made Tara Reid lose almost everything she ever achieved. Until at some point, she decided to come clean. She went to rehab, she started exercising and she adopted a healthy menu. She recently appeared in American Pie Reunion, a new movie with the original cast and she looks gorgeous, healthy and happy to be back.